Living Well means:

Preventive Medicine

Personalized Care

The best defense is a good offense – which is why our practice emphasizes preventive medicine. A yearly physical exam and lab tests are included in the membership.  This forms the basis of your health journey. Dr. Belsky can advise you on illness prevention and management strategies, and support you in developing healthy lifestyle habits. Dr. Belsky has been known to “prescribe” exercise, and would preferhaving a patient optimize diet and exercise to prescribing a medication. Her network includes not only conventional medicine doctors but also alternative medicine practitioners.

Dr. Belsky takes the time to get to know you. She begins with your health history, your family health history and your current health status, It doesn't stop there. Knowing where you are in life, and the unique stresses that you are going through helps her work with you as a team to get to optimal health.  This also helps to guide you should you become ill.  Our medical staff can  assist you in scheduling tests and procedures.  In addition, to ensure continuity and quality of care, Dr. Belsky personally attends to you if you are admitted to Evanston, Highland Park, Glenbrook, or Skokie Hospitals.


Community Impact

A Compassionate EaR

Dr. Belsky is passionate not only about your health but about public health, which is why she founded and chaired Healthy Highland Park in 2003. This proactive health initiative focused on reducing childhood obesity and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in the local area. It assisted in making Highland Park one of the first smoke-free communities in Illinois. Dr. Belsky is now using her dance background to develop movement-based programs for all ages that make it fun to get and stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Dr. Belsky believes in the mind-body connection, so she spends time asking how you are doing as well as asking what symptoms you are experiencing. Having attended medical school in her early 30s while raising two young children, Dr. Belsky understands how demanding life can get and what impact it can have on your health. For this reason, she listens with a compassionate ear and guides you in recognizing and reducing the negative effects of stress. Dr. Belsky listens carefully and gets to the root of the problem to identify solutions.



In a world of crowded medical offices and 15-minute doctor appointments, it is difficult for doctors to get to know you well. As a result, they might miss early warning signs that, when left unchecked, may lead to negative consequences. Enter the cutting-edge model of Living Well Medical Associates, a concierge practice. For an annual membership fee, you belong to a group of patients who can feel confident in their medical care. Visit our Highlights and Details page to learn more about how you can start Living Well.

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