Lynne Chervony Belsky, MD

Dr. Belsky

Dr. Belsky is  board certified in internal medicine, enabling her to serve as an effective observer and diagnostician. She notices imbalances early on, recognizes what tests to order, evaluates the results, and proactively charts a game plan in response. Ifa specialist is needed, she selects the best match for you, not only in terms of specialty but also personality - ensuring that you receive the highest quality personalized care. In addition to her medical training, her experience as a physical therapist enables Dr. Belsky to expertly differentiate between disease and musculoskeletal symptoms, possibly saving you the extra time, energy, and money associated with getting to the root of a medical problem.

Since she was young, Dr. Belsky wanted to be a doctor like her father, Abraham Chervony, MD, who set up his medical practice in Skokie, IL. Dr. Chervony loved being a doctor, and he took his time with each patient to make sure they felt like that they had a friend and an advocate to guide them though their illnesses. Walking in her father’s footsteps, Dr. Belsky practices modern medicine with an old-fashioned twist, working with you to find what you need to heal, instead of deferring to what health insurance companies dictate.

In high school, Dr. Belsky moved to New York City, where she became a professional dancer with the Joffrey Ballet for eight years. Through this experience, Dr. Belsky is intimately acquainted with being at the top of one’s physical game. She knows, however, that optimal health looks different for each of us. For some, it is running a marathon,for others walking two miles a day.  Optimal health is multifactorial and includes nutrition, exercise, sleep, personal connectedness, and stress management. Wherever you are in your health journey and whatever your goals, Dr. Belsky is delighted to support you in getting from “here” to “there.”

 Dr. Belsky’s Credentials:

  • Board certified in Internal Medicine in Illinois and Michigan

  • Completed residency program at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

  • MD degree from Rush Medical College

  • BS from Northwestern University in Physical Therapy

  • Practiced Internal Medicine at Ravinia Associates in Internal Medicine in Highland Park, IL

  • Practiced outpatient physical therapy in orthopedics, sports medicine and performing arts

  • Danced with Joffrey Ballet in NY from 1976-1984

  • Chairman of the Healthy Highland Park task force for community health and wellness since 2003


Beth Sobieski, RRT

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


Beth is a dedicated healthcare Professional for 30+ years. She has worked in many Health care settings including hospitals, offices and education. Beth has experince in phlebotomy, respiratory therapy (pulmonary function testing, CPAP instruction) and taking vitals. She also has administrative medical office experience in medical billing. Beth is excited to be part of the Living Well Medical team.

  • Illinois licensed respiratory therapist since 1982

  • Certified Medical Manager 2004-2017